New Documentary Film ‘Guerrilla Midwife’ Chronicles Indonesian Midwifery After the Tsunami

Along the fragrant streets of Bali and desolate Acehnese refugee camps of the Indonesian Archipelago, Ibu Robin – A Guerrilla Midwife – perches over the red lips of volcanoes and finds herself at a time where midwifery is put to the test, when there is no technology right at the epicenter of the Earthquake and the bowels of the December 26, 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami in a culturally mesmerizing, heart-wrenching, epic documentary to show why we must change our protocols for pregnancy and childbirth back to a gentle, natural method, if our planet is to survive the dominance of mankind.

I’ve scoured the internet for any sign of a U.S. showing of this film, but alas, I am still waiting for my chance to learn about midwife Ibu Robin Lim as she supports birthing women in post-tsunami Aceh, Indonesia.  

The film has been making its way around the world, winning award after award at an amazing array of film festivals.  I’ve contacted the director, Deja Bernhardt, for information about its U.S. release.  For now, watch the trailer at the official website and help promote the film via its Facebook page.

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9 responses to “New Documentary Film ‘Guerrilla Midwife’ Chronicles Indonesian Midwifery After the Tsunami

  1. I am a filmmaker, photographer, birth advocate and peacemaker. I have just seen the trailer for this best kept secret and can I just say WOW! What a beautifully shot/edited and poignant trailer. While I know everyone speaking in the film and have heard their words of wisdom before in person and in other films, with this particular film, the visual, connected with the audio brings a deeper heart opening for me. I cannot wait to see the whole piece. I want MORE! Judith Halek, Director of Birth Balance in NYC.

    • I agree! I’m excited to see that both the midwife from the film and the filmmaker are currently in Haiti working to support the January earthquake survivors. I hope that another film will develop from this new project, to further show the world the beautiful art of midwifery, as well as shed light on the tragic poverty and devastation in Haiti.

  2. I am Angelina, a woman who was empowered by home-birth. My midwife was a friend of Robins, and now the director of the Haitian Clinic. I am proud to say that I was given a spiritual experience in childbirth. Not only was my baby brought into the world gently, but I was brought into motherhood gently. My heart and soul is with this group, and I give them great thanks for the love, strength, and promise I was given by having such an amazing experience. I had given birth twice in the hospital setting, yet my third and final baby was born at home. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever been through in my life. I wish I had known before.

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  4. This is such a dear place to me, as I have gotten to volunteer twice in Bali. I do fundraising now in the USA for the clinic. We are having a showing this weekend in NC.

    Have you gotten a copy of the film, yet? I have copies.

  5. Yes, I got a copy from Ibu Robin last month! Thank you so much :) So glad you’re back here doing the important behind-the-scenes work. I’m definitely jealous you got to volunteer there :)

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  8. I watched the film in Baguio City on May 8 2012. I simply fall in love with gentle natural birthing methods that Ibu Robin introduces to mothers worldwide. I wish I still have the chance to give birth that way.

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