Home Birth Increase Shown in CDC Report

It’s about time!  I was glad to see in yesterday’s Midwifery Today E-News that occurrences of home birth are on the rise, for the first time in more than a decade.  It’s reassuring to know that all of the hard work being done to normalize and de-stigmatize home birth is beginning to pay off.

The report, titled “Trends and Characteristics of Home and Other Out-of-Hospital Births in the United States, 1990–2006,” was put out by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.  It states that despite a steady decline from 1990-2004, the occurrence of out-of-hospital births increased 3% by 2006, and home birth specifically increased by 5% in 2005.  What a fantastic shift of events, for a government agency to investigate home birth and find positive results!

Some of the findings:

  • The most likely consumers of out-of-hospital birth options were white, married women older than 25, who have had previous children.
  • 61% of the home births in the report were attended by midwives.
  • The home births in the report were “less likely than hospital births to be preterm, low birthweight, or multiple deliveries.”
  • The states with the highest rates of home birth were Montana and Vermont at 2%
  • The states with the lowest rates of home birth were Nebraska and Louisiana and Nebraska at 0.2%

Congratulations to the midwives, birthing women, and activists who have worked so hard to bring back the tradition of birthing where you want to.  Let’s keep going!

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One response to “Home Birth Increase Shown in CDC Report

  1. I didn’t get to read through the report, but I’m curious as to if poverty rates of the states play into which have the higher and lower rates of home birth.

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