Guerrilla Feminist Art: The CUNTastic Poster Project

Announcing an exciting new feminist art endeavor, the CUNTastic Poster Project!  We’ll be installing a series of political posters around the country at particular times on specific feminist topics.  We need YOUR help to make this happen.  Wherever you live, whoever you are, participate in Phase 1 of this project and make an impact on the awareness of maternal mortality in your community! 

Phase 1: Maternal Mortality  

Phase 1 will focus on maternal mortality statistics, and will be happening fast!  Get in touch now to get involved.  Phase 1 will occur April 21-29, 2010. 

What do I have to do?  

  1. Email us your location.
  2. Go to the designated copy center to pick up your poster.
  3. Take the poster and place it in a visible public area where it can be seen by a diverse sampling of your community’s population. Do this sometime between April 21-29, 2010.
  4. Take a few photos of the poster on display and email them to

Your poster will have pointed information about the maternal mortality rates in your area, and the link between failed healthcare and socio-economic and racial disparities.  You will be part of a national poster installation, with folks in major cities and small towns all over the US putting up posters specific to their areas.  We’ll collect photos of the individual poster installations and display them on the CUNTastic website at

Background Information 

 The current crisis in reproductive health care is not an equal-opportunity emergency.  As maternal mortality rates continue to rise rather than decline in many states, it’s become clear that poverty is an increasingly alarming factor in whether a woman survives childbirth or not. According to vital statistics released by New York City in January, 79 of every 100,000 black women giving birth in NYC will die, compared to 10 of every 100,000 white women. When you consider that 70% of black women in the NYC are on Medicaid, the link between poverty and accessible, quality health care becomes less blurry, especially when the national maternal mortality rate is 13 women per 100,000 live births, or 2 women every day.  These are just tiny examples of the alarming reality for so many women in the US, who should be receiving quality, affordable reproductive health care, but instead are being marginalized and neglected. 

Stay Updated

Visit the Poster Project page and subscribe to this blog for updates on the upcoming phases of the CUNTastic Poster Project.

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7 responses to “Guerrilla Feminist Art: The CUNTastic Poster Project

  1. I would love to get involved in this if it’s still happening!

    • It is! The timeline has changed substantially (thankfully) but it’s still on. I’ll try to email you as things progress, but definitely the best way to keep up on the details is to sign up under “Email Subscription” on the top right of this page. Where are you geographically?

  2. are pictures of female anatomy necessary when talking “feminism?” i mean, i’m all about activism, re-examining gender roles, and protecting people from domestic violence— but i can’t wait til this whole “vagina worship” thing dies.

    • Actually, the posters are plain black & white text with no pictures. So no, images of female anatomy aren’t necessary to address feminism. They definitely do rock, though.

      And the ‘whole “vagina worship” thing’ has been going on since humans learned to draw on cave walls. I doubt it will be over any time soon.

  3. I’m located in South Bend, IN, which is about an hour and a half east of Chicago. Notre Dame college is in South Bend.

    Vagina pictures aren’t necessary, but from a Feminist perspective, they’re important. For me, images of vulvas, and talking about vaginas forces people to become more comfortable with female anatomy, and therefore raises confidence in women regarding not only their genitalia but their bodies as a whole. I’m a body piercer, and I’ve met so many women who have no idea where their hood is, let alone their clitoris. Women are ashamed of their genitalia, or embarrassed by it, or they ask me if it’s “normal.” That, to me, says that we have much more work to do with our Feminist “vagina worship.”

  4. Cait, I was inspired to write a blog entry about the importance of “Vagina Worship” in the Feminist movement. You can find it here: It’s called “Vaginas are Everything.”

  5. Anything that brings awareness to Domestic violence is AOK. Different people need different highways of information to get the message.

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