Breastfeeding Art

Atahensic - Iroquois Goddess of Fertility - Atahensic was a sky goddess who came to earth during creation. Birds carried her down on their wings. She died giving birth to her twin sons and became a goddess of fertility, pregnancy and feminine skills. Let’s rather change her birthexperience to a happy ending...

Somehow I stumbled upon an amazing website of stunning original breastfeeding artwork by Akarot Illustrations.  My jaw dropped.

Their Breastfeeding Goddess Series features female deities from various religions & spiritualities, depicted as breastfeeding mamas.  They’ve also produced a series of General Breastfeeding Artwork, including images of mamas pumping and nursing while baby-wearing, and a downloadable picture book called “What Babies Eat” that explains breastfeeding to young children.

Not only are their images startlingly beautiful, they’re also available for free for non-profit use, for the purpose of promoting breastfeeding.

Lilith – Biblical Character – There are many interpetations about this goddess, most of them paint a dark, demonic picture. However, The Alphabet of Ben-Sira describes Lilith as Adam’s first wife before Eve. Lilith demanded being equal to Adam, which he refused. Upon this, Lilith left the Garden of Eden by her own free will, never to return.

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One response to “Breastfeeding Art

  1. Wow, badass! Really breathtaking. I love breastfeeding art.

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