Social Justice Childbirth Classes

Women in Miami’s historically poor Overtown neighborhood have a new option in childbirth preparation: POWERful Women and Families Childbirth Classes.  Taught by a licensed midwife and organized by the Power U Center for Social Change, this childbirth education series focuses on the basics of pregnancy and birth, plus encourages women to expand the scope of their preparation for parenting to larger issues of housing and education.

The classes, which were also offered last year at Power U, will cover topics ranging from birthing options, nutrition and breastfeeding to reducing toxic housing conditions, improving neighborhood schools and negotiating fair rent prices.

The Power U Center for Social Change has spent the past ten years organizing Miami’s low-income communities of color into a powerful force.  Their campaigns tend to be brave, creative, and immensely successful and inspiring.

The mission of Power U is to organize low-income communities directly impacted by institutional oppression by utilizing leadership development, promoting self-determination, and building community power to create an equitable and just society.

If you’re in South Florida, or just like to keep up on who’s making the greatest impact out there, you need to know about Power U.

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3 responses to “Social Justice Childbirth Classes

  1. This is truly awesome.

  2. wow. i second the ‘awesome’. thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. this makes me excited to think about the possibilities of child birth education. i have thought about doing radical childbirth education and this gives me so many ideas…

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