Full Spectrum Doulas in the Media

The full spectrum doula movement is gaining enormous momentum, and has been appearing more and more in the news and across the social media world recently.

Last week’s article ‘Doulas Aren’t Just for Births Anymore‘ by Michelle Tavarez gives a thorough Full Spectrum 101 kind of introduction to abortion support.  Hopefully this article, published by the Columbia News Service at Columbia University, will be syndicated by one of the 400+ news outlets that glean articles from this source.

There’s also a growing number of Facebook pages for groups that highlight the intersection between abortion and doula work.  Check them out for constant access to relevant links and updates:

Also, here’s a run-down of some past articles on full spectrum support:

Do you have anything to add to these lists?  Let us know!

One response to “Full Spectrum Doulas in the Media

  1. A brand new one to add to the list:

    Supporting Her Journey: A Full Spectrum Doula’s Look at the Politics of Motherhood, Choice USA, 2011

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